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Lightning-fast sites with Varnish

In our digital society, your online presence really has to be available all the time. Nowadays, availability means not only being online but also being fast enough. Fast loading times are therefore an essential component of the User Experience.

Caching is a technique in which dynamic data is stored in a static form within a caching layer. This ensures that these calculations do not have to happen so often, which enhances the performance of your website.

As one of the best-known technologies in its class, Varnish can radically improve your website’s performance. Varnish stores complete pages, thereby reducing the load on the entire server. Cache items are stores in RAM, which makes them lightning fast. This e-book gives you practical tips and tricks to start with Varnish caching.



  • Why Varnish?
  • In practical terms, how do I get started with Varnish?
  • The role of your web hosting provider


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